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ConTEXT Ad Generator 2.0 + 25 FREE Reports ( Bargain Hunter Warehouse )

Product picture ConTEXT Ad Generator 2.0 + 25 FREE Reports ( Bargain Hunter Warehouse )

3.49 USD

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Introducing the revolutionary new technology set to
change the way you make money online...

"Instantly & Effortlessly Boost Your Websites
Income By 300 Or More Using The Very Latest
Profit Producing, Context Ad Technology!"
In just a few simple steps, you can turn the text on any of your websites into an instant hands free income stream - Guaranteed!

Order Now & Get an Instant Upgrade to Master
Resale Rights... Included For A Limited Time!

From: Gary McCaffrey & Bargain Hunter Warehouse

Dear Friend,

If you run any sort of content based website or blog, your about to discover how you can instantly start making more money with it, without advertising!

Its already been proven that putting contextually relevant ads on your site can mean BIG bucks. And this fact has been made all the more obvious with the success of programs such as Google AdSense.

But how many visitors does it usually take before your site makes even $50 from Google ads? And how much do you think the advertiser makes off YOUR traffic? You can guarantee its a lot more than $50!

Stop Giving Your Traffic Away For Peanuts &
Finally Start Getting The Commissions You Truly Deserve!

This brand new, revolutionary program combines two of the most powerful income opportunities on the internet, pay-per-click advertising and affiliate programs. And creates a new hybrid breed of website monetization, that simply blows everything else out of the water.

One of the best ways of making more money with AdSense is by making your ads blend in with the rest of your content. Simply put, by making your ads NOT look like ads. However, doing this is against Google's terms and might even get your account banned. Besides, they've made this practically impossible by placing the words 'Ads by Google' on every one of they're ad units.

Now what if you had a way to automatically and seamlessly embed relevant affiliate links directly into your content, so they just look like regular links to other related articles on your website?

Do you think they would receive more clicks?

... you bet they would!!

Not only will these links get clicked more often, but every click can give you the opportunity to earn $100's... per click! Compare that with the measly few cents you earn on your AdSense ads. Now I'm not saying you should abandon AdSense altogether, its a great way to earn a passive income online. But with this brand new software, your potential affiliate income will instantly shoot through the roof!

Introducing The Revolutionary...
'ConTEXT Ad Generator 2.0'

ConTEXT Ad Generator 2.0 turns your content into an instant profit magnet by dynamically transforming keywords on your site into affiliate links for literally any affiliate program you choose to promote.

Here's how it works:

Step One
Insert the keywords you want transformed into ConTEXT Ad hyperlinks.

Step Two
Insert the affiliate URL you want those links to point to.

Step Three
Copy the provided JavaScript code into your webpage, then sit back, and let the code work its magic.

It really could not be simpler. In three easy steps, any webpage you want is instantly populated with these brand new, revolutionary, hybrid affiliate links. Are you starting to see the true power of ConTEXT Ad Generator?

No longer will you have to make do with small affiliate checks. Now you can earn as high a commission as you want, while at the same time multiplying your click through rate, and your bank balance.

Why ConTEXT Ad Generator Is
The Best Way To Monetize Your Web Traffic!

The generated ads are not obvious or blatant and can command a much higher click thru rate than regular PPC (pay-per-click) ads.
Can be used with any form of content such as blogs, forums, article sites, public domain material or online books.
Doesn't require any special knowledge or skill and can be live on your website within minutes.
Links open up in a new browser window, keeping your visitors on your site so they get the chance to return, click more ads and earn you more revenue.
Can be combined with any other PPC advertising programs you use (The more income streams your sites have, the better)
The links will appear exactly like any other link on your website. If you use style sheets they will follow the same format set out inside it.
Covertly converts the keywords into links without actually modifying the pages source. The links are created 'on the fly' the second a visitor lands on the page.
Protects your websites search engine position and link popularity by covertly disguising every link it creates. The search engines wont know your site has a bunch of affiliate links pointing out, so it will rank higher.
Tested to work in any browser, so you know everyone who visits your site is seeing and clicking on your new cash generating affiliate links.
Compatible with any webpage regardless of the language its coded in. Works with html, php, asp and anything else.
No complicated modifications to your website required. Just insert one snippet of code and your done.
... plus much much more!

"ConTEXT Ad Generator 2.0" Crushes The Competition And
Stands Head-And-Shoulders Above The Rest!

Let's face it, in any market, there are always competitors out there, but "ConTEXT Ad Generator 2.0" is the obvious choice. You just won't find anything else that is as easy to use as this outstanding system.

All of the files required to make your "ConTEXT" ads work are stored on your own web server, so you're not at the mercy of another host. If your web site is online, your ads are working.

And best of all, "ConTEXT Ad Generator 2.0" is the best value on the market. Unlike some of our competitors, you'll never have to pay a monthly fee. Once you make your purchase, you can use it on unlimited sites forever, without ever having to spend another penny.

Your satisfaction is important, and I guarantee it when you order 'Context Ad Generator' and I back it with a no risk, no questions asked, 100 money back guarantee.

If for any reason, you aren't completely satisfied with my product, just contact me within 30 days and I'll refund 100 of your purchase price. No need for explanations or excuses, just let me know and I'll refund your full purchase price on the spot.

Here's How You Can Start Using "ConTEXT Ad Generator 2.0" Immediately, And Watch Your Profits Shoot Through The Roof!

At this point you're probably thinking that, "a system that is going to give me such a huge advantage in my business must be out of my budget." After all, many of our competitors make you pay a monthly fee for a similar service. Not here!

What if I told you that you could instantly put the power of these hybrid affiliate links to use for less than $100? Would that be fair?

Well, we're going to do even better than that! You're not going to pay $100, you're not going to pay $90, or even $80 ... If you order right now, you can grab your copy of "ConTEXT Ad Generator 2.0" for only 49 cents!

You'd normally expect something like this to cost you five times as much, and that doesn't even take into account the monthly fees. But, with "ConTEXT Ad Generator 2.0" there are no hidden fees, no monthly fees, and nothing else you ever have to buy. For the one-time low price of only $17 we put you on the fast lane to huge affiliate success.

Not only that, if you're one of the next 50 people to order, you'll get an instant free upgrade to Master Resale Rights!

... so order now to avoid disappointment when these rights are sold out.

Yes! I want to order the "ConTEXT Ad Generator 2.0" software for only 49 cents. I understand that when I order I will receive an instant free upgrade to Master Resale Rights.

Only 49 cents.

- paypal & major credit cards accepted -

[YES] Includes professional sales letter.
[YES] Can be packaged.
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus.
[YES] Can be added to membership site.
[YES] Can be offered through auction sites.
[YES] Can sell Resale Rights.
[YES] Sales letter can be edited.

It's time for you to turn your fortunes around. Stop putting up with traditional PPC ads that only get a fraction of your visitors to click on them and start using "ConTEXT" ads that put more commissions in your pocket from day one.

To your success,

Gary McCaffrey & Bargain Hunter Warehouse

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ConTEXT Ad Generator 2.0 + 25 FREE Reports ( Bargain Hunter Warehouse ) ConTEXT Ad Generator 2.0 + 25 FREE Reports ( Bargain Hunter Warehouse ) context ad generator 2.0 90160175 3.49 bargainhunterwarehouse Fresh Download Available!